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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The New Ride....

So, I had probably my only saturday off of the 2011 today...and I managed to pretty much do everything I possibly could around the house, including dishes, vacuum, laundry, pull out some clothes destined for someone who they fit, got Jenny's car washed, bought my running shoes for the Kona insanity, even washed 7 pairs of shoes.  I got to sit and watch the first stage of the Tour de France (great first stage by the way!)...and I was still unsatisfied, so I mopped the garage floors, and THEN, took the photos below of my new ride!

To say I am not lazy I think is an understatement---I guess this is the "new normal" for me!  Sophia and Jenny get home tomorrow...maybe I'll vacuum the back patio and scrub the tile in the pool with a toothbrush as well... ;-)

So a little bit about the bike--first off, the wheels of course are off the Wilier---new wheelset to come, just haven't decided on what to put on it (Firecrest clinchers, ENVEs, Dura Ace C75...hmmm).  It weighs in just under 18 pounds (meaning: LIGHT!!!!)---just as it is here--I could shave some more weight off it, but why bother at 18 POUNDS!!!  I think this is the first one of these to be built in the US...Storck is a German company who created this masterpiece---from the brakes integrated into the fork and the seatstays (carbon fiber "blades"), to the Di2 only integration (amazing stuff BTW), and the integrated stem/handlebar (unfortunately I had to bring the stem up a bit, otherwise it can sit flush with the top tube)...this bike is amazing in so many ways--and it rides amazing at high speeds (something I didn't feel I had with the Wilier now that I am on the Storck Aero 2.  I AM NOT WORTHY!!!  Well, now I have a reason to work on the bike discipline for Kona and IM AZ....

The guys at Airpark Bikes are simply awesome---Jay built this bike from start to finish (I'm sure he cussed it out a few times---no signs of being kicked though ;-).  He had to employ an electrician for the cable extension to the seat for the battery.  OH yeah, the red pedals totally clash...I gotta work on getting Blue Speedplay Zeros on there as well ;-)  It's so tough being me ;-}

You gotta look pretty hard to find cables!

Seat clamp, rear brake?? oh, and the Di2 battery!

Can you see the rear brake in there?
There it is, and the braking power is unmatched....

A rock solid, aero rear triangle

Fork awesome, front tire tucks in there--soo stable!

Front Brake integrated into the super solid front fork.

The Stem:  with 3 risers (would have loved to ride it with none!  Also, the aero pad risers are there)

73-80+ degrees 

My cockpit

My cockpit again--shifting from the "base bar" or aero shifters....like butter.

may need to see what we can tinker with to reduce that cable clutter.  Decent amount of drop, and my back is flat in the aero position

Where's that brake?

Aero Shifters

Base Bar Shifters

Top Tube and Stem


Down Tube

Brake cable into the frame as well as the Di2 wiring...very slick!

My ISM saddle is a perfect match without even trying...oh and the battery again....super slick!

Front Derailleur and SRM Crank--Blue Pedals to come!

Rear Derailleur

Rear "brake" again---VERY solid braking BTW

Seat "clamp"

Bottom Bracket stability---it is as solid as it looks!

4 Risers under the Aero Pads, and you can also see the width adjustability

Rear View...

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