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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My own Science of Sport....

It seems kind of pathetic to think about, but before I sat down and organized the information below, I was not always sure what I was doing with my workouts---I could guess/assume just by the intervals, but I really didn't understand all of the science behind it.  I know there's much more to it than is written below, but at least it has helped me push the envelope when it needs to be pushed...

This is Bompa's Triangle used to explain Periodization Training....Tudor Bompa is the "Father of Periodization" and used this training system to train Soviet athletes to success many times over...

Corners of the Triangle: Base Period...Building the Engine

Aerobic Endurance
o   Zone 2 work is the base of endurance sports.  Fitness is basically determined by how fast you can go aerobically
o   Decoupling:  when HR and Wattage do not “trend” together---when HR stays the same, and Wattage drops, more Z2 training is needed to “couple” the stats. Less than 5% dropoff is acceptable
§  For Ironman, we need to see the following workouts:
·       Bike: 4 Hour Ride   (Wattage/HR)
·       Run: 2 Hour Run   (Pace/HR)
o   Efficiency Factor: measures improvement in Fitness
§  Average Wattage/Average Heart Rate = Efficiency Factor
·       Goal: Power increases at the same HR (number goes up)
·       Same course/conditions to measure over time
·       Once a plateau is reached, time for Zone 3 Intervals (Muscular Endurance)

o   Building better muscle (bigger/better engine)
§  Weights
§  Explosions: Workouts:
·       Swim:  25’s all out with lots of rest (1 minute +)
·       Bike:  Incline 1.5x FTP/LT for ~8 pedal strokes with long recovery of 5-6 minutes.  Stop when you can’t hit the number anymore
·       Run:   Hill Repeats ~6-8 reps with 8 right foot strikes as fast as you can.  Stop when you can’t reach the same spot
Speed Skills
o   Drills & Techniques
o   Major and Minor Flaws Corrected
o   Key Fundamentals
§  Swim:  straight arm, reach, don’t cross midline, pull straight through
§  Bike:  bike fit, move cleat back
§  Run:  foot placement, cadence

Sides of the Triangle:  Build Period/Race Specific....tuning the Engine

Muscular Endurance
o   Biggest determinate of race performance (race specific training)
o   Determines your ability to hold fastest pace yet continue to perform at your highest level
o   Workouts:
§  Swim:  400’s with 30” rest
§  Bike:  5 x 6’ at LT (Zone 4) with 2’ rest
§  Run:  5 x 5’  at  Zone 4 with 2’ rest
o   Workout Progression:  increase interval length and/or shorten recovery (3:1 >>>4:1)
Anaerobic Endurance
o   Relatively Unimportant in Triathlon:  Above LT (@ VO2Max)
o   Start of Swim:  needed to hit the lead pack>>>>>200’s with 2’ rest all out
Power (Sprint)
o   Not Relevant (100 meter dash…)

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