"I like you. I'll gladly sit down and have dinner with you after the race. But when the gun goes off, I pretty much hate you, and I want to stomp your guts out. That's racing." -J Rapp

"the best night of my life.....
...in the most beautiful place on earth"

"It's just one, long, tedious conversation with yourself" -Paula Newby Fraser

"Have faith- trust in the plan - the breakthrough will come. I promise. " Woo

"You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime.” -Mark Allen

“The only time you can be brave is when you’re afraid.”

My Gear

My goal on this page is to keep up with what gear I am currently using.

Wetsuit:  Sailfish ONE---awesome suit, GREAT position in the water, comfortable and FAST!  While they do make a Top End Suit called the G Range, I think the ONE suit is for everyone except those "fishlike" swimmers out there.  Sailfish Website

Goggles:  I LOVE the TYR Nest Pro, especially the metallized lens/white frame combo---comfortable and sweet looking!   The new Orions are awesome as well, but I tend to see the seal break on longer swims...I think my head is just a bit too narrow for the seal to keep up on the lateral side of the gasket. TYR Goggles

Swim Paddles:  TYR again:  I use the Mentor Paddles as recommended by Chris, the M (red) size are perfect.  TYR Mentor Paddles

Suits: "Old School" company by the name Dolfin are my current trainer Jammers, as well as BlueSeventy Jammers

Frame: I just switched from my Wilier Cento Crono to the Storck Aero 2---both great frames with different advantages:  The Wilier  www.wilier.com was less stiff (more comfortable), but was tricky for setting up the Di2, so I elected to go with the Storck www.storckbicycles.com thanks to the guys at Airpark Bikes www.airparkbikes.com.  I have now been on the Storck for 8 months, and I don't think there is a bike out there that is more stable...it feels like I'm riding a hovercraft...smooth as silk.

Components:  Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is a game changer, and gives me instant shifting as well as the ability to shift while in the aero position as well as on the base bar---the change was a lot like when I got Lasik Eye Correction--and I am just now getting over not having to reach for the aero shifter to shift (with the eyes, I would still try to push my glasses up even though they were gone...).  Spendy but totally worth it, and I can't see going back to cables...  Di2 Website.  I run a 11-25 rear cassette, which I can ride anywhere---no reason to ever need anything with more or less range.

Crank:  FSA K Force Light Standard SRM Powermeter Crank...training with Power, another gamechanger!  I'm running a 175mm crank...maybe slightly too big for me, but I've used this length for over a year and changing it is not on my priority list as it's working for now.  I chose the FSA version as it is more stiff and lighter than the other options SRM makes.   In August of 2011 I switched to a Dura Ace SRM crank, 170mm---this was a great change for me....I became much more comfortable instantly in the aero position.  My position is more condensed on the Storck, and by "condensing my pedal stroke with a shorter crank, it all seems to fit together perfect.  Crank based powermeter is the most accurate, so of course I went with the best!  I also use the Powercontrol 7 as my bike computer---the only way to get accurate readings and use the software to its full capacity....awesome stuff.  All the TdF riders use these....so it must be the best! SRM Site.

Wheels:  I just switched from Reynolds Strike Deep 66mm Carbon Clinchers  www.reynoldscycling.com to Easton EC90 56mm wheels www.eastoncycling.com as my "trainers."  The Reynolds are a bit deeper than the Easton's, by choice as I am going for more all around performance with the Easton's.  I am keeping the Wilier as a full bike to sell, hence the switch--loved the Reynolds.  They stayed true over 1,000's of miles, with the only problem being 2 broken spokes.  I am loving the Easton ceramic bearings as well---you know that sound your freewheel makes???  It is silent with the Easton's!  They are sharp looking to boot.

Pedals:  Speedplay--I shouldn't need to say anything else--they rock, and I have used them since 1995. Nano titanium are the current set. www.speedplay.com

Seat:  ISM currently:  using the Breakaway model (of course matches the Blue, Black, White color of the Storck ;-) www.ismsaddles.com.  I use a Fizik from time to time, the Arione Tri II version www.fizik.it

Odds and Ends:
DZ Nuts: in a "nut" shell, smooth stuff ;-}
X Lab: products for cages and accessories
Salttabs 7 pill dispenser for racing....I am using this for both salt tabs and the new Pre-Race Capsules...super simple to use.

I LOVE Nike--their shoes fit me well, and I have an inventory of about 9 pair right now that I can run in.  I have a narrow foot and tend to swim in other brands.  Currently I have the  2 pair of LunaRacers for racing (duh) which are ridiculously light (6.6 oz), the LunarElites (slightly more stability, but still lightweight...10.1 oz), LunarGlide +2 and +3 (2 pairs of each) which are my "standard" trainers (10.6 oz), and a pair of LunarEclipse, which at this point are just too "bulky and soft" for me, but were good for marathon training over the winter (meaning: collecting dust!) (11.5 oz). I have also run in KSwiss Blade Light (my IMAZ shoe), and really liked them, but they are hard to get a hold of unless you mail order, and I will inevitably order the wrong size EVERY time, so Nike has won out, for now.  If I had my way, I would have a pair of those KSwiss Quicky Blades---and will probably wear those in Kona ;-)