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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update 2012...random, but I'm a bit rusty!

I decided it was finally time to kick of the 2012 Blog Season here....I found myself looking up the Red Baron today on Wikipedia---did you know he was a German pilot during WW 1?  His real name was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen and he died at age 25.   He was considered the best fighter pilot of his time, with over 80 kills.  There, i just made you smarter than you were when you started reading this.   Why the Red Baron?  Well, that's what listening to CNN all day while working on patients will do to you---total random, I know, but i had to learn about him, and can't remember what triggered it ;-)  

So this is supposed to be about my life as a triathlete...and I'm starting the year off with something I write in here about often.  Active.com posted a Facebook link to this article, and I had to read it (Article Here).  In a nutshell, it was about support from your significant other(s).  Being a supporter, while I guess it can be a wonderful experience, it is also filled with pure selflessness---spouse is gone for long periods, stinky clothes, just stinky in general, early morning races...  I read through peoples posts on Facebook about how great their "supporter" is, and I realized my situation puts them all to shame---my eyes water when I think about how lucky I am...and every day I am reminded of that.  My energy level has been a bit low this week, fighting just to get my workouts started (hardest step is always...the first one).  For those of you that don't know me that well, we have 2 kids--Sophia who's 3, and Andrew who's 6 months (and 2 days today ;-).  Then there is Jenny; their mama, my wife.  I was texting her about todays workouts---a typical "I won't be home till 7ish" (which she knows can mean 8...a blessing in itself).  I was telling her how I was struggling a bit with tiredness...here's the thread:

Hi papa.  How's ur day?
Tired! How about u guys? gonna take a nap at lunch
Didn't sleep well?Long workout today?
I did, just tired...yup long one today: swim/run.  I brought it all with me to get it done together right after work. I may not get home till 7ish though

Ok. :-(
Yeah :-( but I gotta stay with the program...ugh, sometimes it gets tough!
I know papa.  U gotta b ready for May
Yeah gotta stay committed to things I commit to...I'm no quitter!
I know and I'd never use that word to describe you.  I think you've already proven you're not!

(I omitted a trip to the store to look at curtains in the middle BTW ;-)

After that, I'm not tired!  I'm excited---their support---I can't put it in words!  So I'll go for 4700 in the pool (3x800 neg split to end it...that will be a toughie!), then a 75 minute run w/ intervals...and smile all the way home knowing that those 3 amazing people will be there smiling, hugging, and happy as ever, even though their papa is doing this selfish thing AGAIN!  We are gearing up for my 4th Ironman in 18 months---yes, I am the luckiest guy around, and I know payback will come some time soon (a future post...but not yet!).  Throw in 2 babies, 2 moves...ouch!  Hurts just to think about it.

So, that is a typical day here for me, and with that, I've decided that this year is all about racing for them.  I'll be heading to Ironman Texas without them (what would they do when it's 90 degrees, 90% humidity???) on May 19th with one goal in mind...getting them to watch me race the big one as they weren't with me last year (Andrew was born 2 weeks prior to IM Hawaii last year---yes, Jenny is amazing ;-).  If it happens, great, if it doesn't, well, it won't be for a lack of commitment and support.  

Training is going well, although Jenny needs to stop buying M&M's...swim is stronger than ever, bike power is up, and the run is smoothing out quite nicely...first I'll have a "test" at Marquee 70.3 on April 15th, then it will time to unleash hell on The Woodlands...channeling the focus starting now.

Thanks babe, you woke up sleeping giant inside me today with your simple texts ;-)  Onwards and upwards!